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Much of the statistics today have the church in decline

We read about the “none”–those who choose not to identify with any faith tradition and the exodus of the “done”–those 2.7 million per year who have been faithful and active church members in the past but now are de-churched by choice. Or the fact that recent surveys point to the fact that if a person says they are a strong regular member but only attend two times a month? So are there churches breaking through this culture and seeing success in people coming to faith in Christ? You might be surprised.

About Eric Swanson. Eric is missional lead specialist for Leadership Network. He has a passion for engaging churches worldwide in the needs and dreams of their communities toward the end of spiritual and societal transformation. He is adjunct professor at Denver Seminary and is co-author of four books including The Externally Focused Church and To Transform a City, along with numerous articles on churches that are transforming their communities.

Eric and his wife Liz, of 39 years, have three married children and eight grandchildren, and live just outside of Boulder, CO.

PRC with Ken Sande

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Relational Skills Can Get You Upstream of Conflict

Having mediated hundreds of church splits and forced pastoral exits, I’ve never seen a pastor lose his pulpit because of poor Hebrew skills. Poor technical skills (exegesis, preaching, leading, etc.) can certainly weaken pastoral ministry, but they will seldom destroy it. When a pastor is forced to leave a church, it is almost always because of conflict and relational failure, either with a leadership team, a spouse or a church faction. In this Pastors Resource Call  we will look at six core relational skills that can help pastors get upstream of conflict and build a relationship in their family and church that restore the joy of ministry and provide a compelling witness to the transforming power of Jesus and his gospel.

Ken Sande was the founder of Peacemakers which he led for over 30 years. In 2011, he sensed that God was calling him to shift his focus from resolving conflict to preventing conflict by building healthy relationships. He began to develop and teach a concept called“relational wisdom” or simply “RW.”

He also had the privilege of serving as an Editorial Adviser for Christianity Today’s Building Church Leaders, Managing Your Church, and Church Law and Tax panels. He is a Certified Christian Conciliator™, as well as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Instructor, trained through TalentSmart.

In his free time, he enjoys reading, running, hiking, and skiing in the Beartooth Mountains just south of his home in Billings, Montana. He and his wife Corlette are members of Great Plains Gathering (PCA), a church plant dedicated to bringing the hope and peace of the gospel to the Native Americans in our community.

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PRC with Lance Witt

Bill Nicoson —  May 18, 2016

Developing Spiritually Healthy Teams

Everyone wants to enjoy their ministry team environment! Whether your ministry team is all volunteer, all paid or a mix, it should operate in an environment that is healthy spiritually and conducive to leading the church in a healthy way. Sometimes as leaders we forget how important it is for us to be proactive about caring for our team’s spiritual well-being.

On this PRC, Lance Witt will share practical ideas and strategies for building spiritually healthy teams. What kind of leadership does it take to raise the spiritual temperature of your team? What does true team community look like? How can you build a team covenant that gives guidance to your work together? You won’t want to miss this conversation with Lance!

Lance Witt, founder of Replenish Ministries is often called a “Pastors pastor.” He has served for over thirty years as a pastor, twenty as a senior pastor. He also served as an executive and teaching pastor at Saddleback Church. Lance helped develop and lead the 40 Days of Purpose and 40 Days of Community campaigns.

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PRC with Neil Cole

Bill Nicoson —  April 22, 2016

Christians Should Be Revolutionaries! We Should Be Bringing A Revolution To Our World.

Doing good can be the enemy of being good. Neil Cole has always been one of our favorite PRC guests. He always pushes the envelop in causing pastors to think about their trajectory as pastors and leaders. In today’s world it is more important than ever to stay on mission. Neil’s new book One Thing is all about staying on task. He will interact with many different cultural mores and provide thoughtful guidance into how the scriptures ask us to live in the world today.

As author Neil Cole dramatically points out, it’s all about One Thing. It’s a revolution of love! Grounded in the love found in the new covenant, this book passionately calls the church back to its true spiritual roots and provides tangible examples of how that was done in the past and how we can do it today. One Thing offers an alternative that is biblical, effective, subversive, and loving all at the same time.

Neil Cole is a prolific author. He describes himself as the father of three, the husband of one, author, coach and spiritual director. He makes his home in Long Beach, CA and is a UCLA Bruins fan.

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PRC with Bill Staffieri

Bill Nicoson —  March 17, 2016

Leaving a legacy of young people involved in ministry is one of the greatest gifts you can give

A big concern of every pastor today should be the lack of young people missing in ministry. How do we engage young people to have a passion for the lost and His church? What does a godly relationship look like to a young person? How do we mentor and develop future leaders for ministry? Bill Staffieri, lead pastor at Beachpoint Church of Huntington Beach, CA will share his thoughts and ideas on how to pick, develop and mentor young leadership for ministry.

Bill has a great passion for young people and wants to see them become leaders and Christ followers. Under Bill’s guidance and mentoring there have been dozens of young people who have gone on to be everything from youth pastors to missionaries.

Bill Staffieri has been the Senior Pastor of Beachpoint Church for the past six years. Over the past six years the church has grown from 300 to over 900 and planted a new campus. Prior to that he served as the church’s youth pastor for 17 years. He is also an adjunct professor of Christian Leadership at Biola University and recently completed his Doctor of Ministry focusing on intergenerational ministry. Bill is a product of ministry mentoring, pastoring the very church he became a Christian in and interning at for several years.

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