PRC with Kevin Navarro

Bill Nicoson —  May 24, 2017

Wasting time with God: Why Christ-Centered Worship Matters

How do you contend with people who are never happy with the worship experience? Do you feel like you have to be a “people pleaser” concerning worship? What are some helpful steps in creating a Christ-centered worship experience? Is there a difference between “Christians worshipping” and “Christian worship”? Does the church calendar, pastoral prayer, reciting creeds, etc., have a place in today’s worship? What expressions of faith are relevant in today’s worship? What is the purpose and place of worship in the church today? Are you still doing worship that feels like you’re in the 1950’s? Is that wrong?

Kevin J. Navarro serves with CRM Empowering Leaders and their Spiritual Formation Community, Imago Christi. He is the author of The Complete Worship Leader (Baker Books, 2001) and The Complete Worship Service (Baker Books, 2005). He served as the senior pastor of Bethany Evangelical Free Church in Centennial, Colorado for fourteen years and on the staff of Bethany for 23 years. He and his family make their home in Centennial Colorado.

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Bill Nicoson