Dive In Groups

dive in group

So what is a DIG? Simply put, it is a short-term online pastor peer learning group.

  • Meets for three or four sessions, each lasting about 90 minutes
  • Focused on a particular topic of leadership and ministry
  • Led and facilitated by an outstanding resource person
  • Limited in size to 6-7 pastors
  • Involves small amount of pre-reading and practical assignments between sessions that are applied to the unique church setting of each participant
  • One fee ($395) covers all sessions, books and materials, internet video time
  • Participants complete a simple, one page application to be involved in the DIG

For any questions please contact:

Bill Nicoson, 214-585-1933 bill.nicoson@cornerstonepastorsnetwork.org

Warren Schuh, 805-432-4327 warren.schuh@cornerstonepastorsnetwork.org