PRC with Kevin Navarro

Bill Nicoson —  May 24, 2017

Wasting time with God: Why Christ-Centered Worship Matters

How do you contend with people who are never happy with the worship experience? Do you feel like you have to be a “people pleaser” concerning worship? What are some helpful steps in creating a Christ-centered worship experience? Is there a difference between “Christians worshipping” and “Christian worship”? Does the church calendar, pastoral prayer, reciting creeds, etc., have a place in today’s worship? What expressions of faith are relevant in today’s worship? What is the purpose and place of worship in the church today? Are you still doing worship that feels like you’re in the 1950’s? Is that wrong?

Kevin J. Navarro serves with CRM Empowering Leaders and their Spiritual Formation Community, Imago Christi. He is the author of The Complete Worship Leader (Baker Books, 2001) and The Complete Worship Service (Baker Books, 2005). He served as the senior pastor of Bethany Evangelical Free Church in Centennial, Colorado for fourteen years and on the staff of Bethany for 23 years. He and his family make their home in Centennial Colorado.

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PRC with Hugh Halter

Bill Nicoson —  April 21, 2017

How To Help Your People Be On Mission Without Splitting Your Church In The Process

Hugh says that many people have asked, “Hugh, what is the one key to turning a typical small group into a true missionary community?” Another asks, “Hugh, how did all those people find faith…really how did it actually happen?” Another asks, “How do you disciple people to live more human lives like Jesus?” Hugh’s answer is always the same. “You have to teach and disciple people in how to throw a good party. It’s where everything starts.” It’s where we learn to listen instead of judge. Where we become advocates instead of adversaries and where people cease to be targets or projects because they are our friends. Remember, when teaching about the gospel of the kingdom, our living metaphors are that of a wedding feast, a banquet, and a supper. It’s time to include this in our own spiritual formation.

Hugh Halter moved from Denver in 2016 to Alton IL, with his wife Cheryl and three grown children to participate in a brand new missional living adventure which is allowing them to live out the incarnational ministry values they hold deeply. He speaks extensively across the country encouraging and equipping pastors in incarnational ministry and missional leadership. For more information about Hugh and his organization go to

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PRC with Dan Southerland

Bill Nicoson —  March 18, 2017

Leading Our Churches To Regain God’s Passion For The Lost Around Us

Every Christian is either a missionary or an impostor.
– Charles Spurgeon

Has the routine of day to day ministry made you lose your passion? When was the last time you wept for your city? Dan Southerland is one of the very best when it comes to knowing, understanding and engaging with those who have not yet met Jesus. Dan brings great passion, compassion and understanding when it comes to sharing faith with those who are lost. He is a great role model as he continually works at bringing people together at his home, local cigar shop, restaurants … you name it. He exudes and personifies a true incarnational model of Christ wherever he goes. Do you need your fire stoked up a bit? Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn how Dan reaches the lost and trains others to do the same.

Dan Southerland is Lead Pastor of Westside Family Church, Lenexa, KS. He serves as the lead teaching pastor and chief visionary at Westside. He also leads the church planting effort anticipating 20 locations and church plants in the Kansas City area by 2020. He has authored four books, including “Chair Time” (an e-book about prayer) and “Transitioning” (a guide for helping churches navigate change). He has shared his leadership experiences with thousands of pastors worldwide. Dan has a passion for teaching, developing leaders, planting new churches and sharing Jesus with those who are far from God.

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Monday, March 13, 10AM TO 2:00PM

Armenian Evangelical Brethren Church, 1800 Lake Street, Glendale CA 91201

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Creating a Culture of Generosity

Learn how to build on biblical principles, your best giving practices, and your ministry’s DNA to weave together a strategy that will help you fund your God-inspired vision. This workshop will give you ideas on how to capture the amazing, God-inspired vision you have for your ministry and help you fund it. Led by Brad Leeper from Generis, this workshop will make you think out of the box. It works! Generis has inspired ministries to raise over $6 billion since ’89.

Brad Leeper has the privilege of working with the best people on the planet in accelerating generosity toward God-inspired vision. For any generous and giving culture to succeed, three key questions must be answered: ‘Is God in this plan? Have church leaders cast a vision for the project that exceeds the brick and mortar story? And does each church member understand the sound, biblical basis for engaging in joyful giving in support of that vision?’ Creating an environment where individuals ask God what He wants them to do–in light of what He has called their church to do–is Brad’s ultimate task.

Brad and his wife Lisa have two delightful adult daughters, Laura and Sarah. Both are married to incredible men who, he says “have made our family even better.” Brad earned a Masters in Theology degree from Dallas Seminary and a B.S. in Economics from West Virginia University. He has professional certifications in church risk management and human resources with diverse experience in financial analysis, adult education, cross-cultural missions and strategic planning.

This event is free for Pacific Church Network, Cornerstone Pastors Network, Missionary Church, Transformation Ministries and Acts 29 Member Churches and includes lunch. $25 for non-members.

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Sponsored by Pacific Church Network, Cornerstone Pastors Network, Generis.

February PRC with Jeff Jones

Bill Nicoson —  February 1, 2017

Due to the passing of Jeff Jones’ father, he was unable to participate in February’s call today.

Please keep him and his family in your prayers during this difficult time. We will be rescheduling Jeff for a future PRC.

Information coming soon on March’s PRC with Dan Southerland!”