Spiritual Director

practice that many leaders find deeply enriching to their spiritual lives is the use of a spiritual director. A session with a spiritual director gives you the opportunity to engage in an honest and vulnerable dialogue about your spiritual health in a setting of complete confidentiality. As a partner with Cornerstone you will get a free session with a Spiritual Director to see if this might be a beneficial practice for your spiritual growth. To schedule your free session contact us and let us know of your interest! 

Staff Management Resources

Our friends at Chemistry Staffing create some incredible resources for pastors and ministry leaders. Their series of "playbooks" are step by step processes you can follow when hiring or transitioning staff people. These resources are incredibly helpful for any ministry leader who manages a team. You can 

$100 Off Your Dive In Groups

Dive In Groups are a unique event in the life of Cornerstone Pastors Network. From time to time we'll have a top flight church leader who just wows us with content on the Pastors Resource Call. We often will want to dig deeper into the topic with the expert in a concentrated and focused setting. That setting is called a Dive In Group. It is always a small group of pastors spending deep, focused learning time with an expert in the ministry area. For partners we'll be offering $100 off these Dive In Groups. When our next Dive in Group is announced you'll be the first to know so you can join with priority registration. 

$100 Off Your Church Health Assessment Tool From Leadership Transformations

Leadership Transformations is now offering very special savings for Cornerstone Partners. For a limited time, they are offering $100 off their comprehensive Church Health Assessment Tool. This tool is incredibly helpful for understanding where your church is currently and where you could see growth in the future. To utilize this benefit simply utilize the code XNCPN .

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