11 for 11: Ideas That Work

In 2011, Leadership Network produced a monthly series of reports on specific ministry innovations.  Each report included a briefing paper, a 5-15 minute video and an accompanying podcast.  It was a fascinating look at eleven ideas ministry ideas that are working in churches of all sizes across the United States. Now, all eleven ideas have been packaged into one PDF that is downloadable.  Better yet, it is free. Click here to register for the download and access to the videos and podcasts.

Topics for the series included Team Collaboration, Fast Forwarding Your Church’s Community Engagement, Externally Focused Churches Becoming the New Norm, Multi-site Movement Gaining New Momentum in New Places, Who and What Is Shaping the Next Generation of Pastors, Leadership Development, The Heartbeat of Rising Influence Churches, Generosity Becoming a Fundamental Spiritual Discipline for Churches, Rapid Growth Pastors on a Wild Ride, The New Role for Western Missionaries, and The Changing Role of the Large Church Senior Pastor.


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