A Change of Plans

We have been in the country since Wednesday. We took the day to regroup. Paul Taylor left us to go home. Or at least that is what we all thought. We were at Josimar’s parents home where we had a nice lunch of baked chicken, rice, beans, potato pie (almost like a shepherds pie), tomatoes and onions. Josimar and I drove to at least two cities. One was where we met a Doctor who had taken care of Josimar a year before. Along the way we pray for people and I am continually reminded of God’s purpose for us. We are the message of Christ to others!

We return home and Josimar is very tired. He takes a nap. I take advantage of no internet or telephone to read. It was an incredible afternoon weather wise. Beautfiul. As I am reading I hear kids laughing, neighbors bantering back and forth and dogs barking and birds singing. There is an abundance of beautiful birds who sing, some who sound like they are very angry.

The phone rings and suddenly there is much talk and discussion. Something is going on. I don’t know because I can’t speak Portuguese. The car that was taking Paul Taylor to another city and then on to Rio de Janeiro broke down. We are on our way to the rescue! An hour away we are in a hurry to get our things together because our plans have changed. We pick them up and then drive on to Barra do Piari the city where we will finish our tour. We got in after midnight where we went and got Brazilian pizza. Everyone is exhausted. I am continually looking at my friends Josemar (different than Josimar) and Daisy. It was Josemar and Daisy’s car whose motor blew up. I am sure that it is a head gasket. I feel very sorry for them. He just smiles and tells me, ” I will walk!”  I feel very bad for him. He works a full time job and pastor’s a church! He needs his car! Please pray for him.

As word is spreading of our arrival we are already seeing our speaking schedule change. More speaking! I am very homesick. I am missing my family and my wife. I know I am supposed to be here but we are just over half way on our trip. God has supplied for us in many ways. I am grateful.

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