A Word From Warren Schuh

For many of you, your connection to Cornerstone has been through one of three avenues- you receive ALL In, our monthly e-letter, or you have been on one of the Pastor Resource Calls or perhaps you have participated in one of our Master’s Groups.  Last fall as the Cornerstone team was planning and praying about how to better serve pastors, we realized that there was no intermediate connection available-nothing in between the minimal commitments of reading a newsletter or participating on an occasional PRC phone call and the major commitment of participating in a Master’s Group for a full day each month.

The launch of our Soul Care emphasis and Dive In Groups are an effort to provide that intermediate connection to Cornerstone and give you access to even greater resources on a more personal and customized basis.

In dealing with pastors and ministry staff leaders across the country, it is clear to me that nothing is more foundational to their ability to lead than the care of their soul. That reality is why I am totally excited about Cornerstone’s partnership with Leadership Transformations.  Many years ago, Steve Macchia and I served together on a church staff in the Boston area and I have watched as God has used him in place after place to lead and nurture pastors and leaders. His dream to create an organization to spiritually transform leaders and teams was birthed out of a deep passion for helping others become more aware of God’s presence and direction in their lives.  Steve models what he teaches and the response to LTi’s work over the last ten years makes them the perfect partner for our desire to help pastors learn how to be more intentional in the care of their soul.

In working with our Master’s Groups, I have seen first hand the power of peer learning and the difference it makes in a pastor’s life and leadership.  We’re committed to peer learning because it has so many benefits for those who choose to participate.  We believe it is possible to access many of these benefits through an online experience. That’s why we have created CCN’s new Dive In Groups. These groups will provide a small learning community that can dive deep into important issues facing a local church.  These won’t be seminars but they will be topically driven!  These groups will be designed to help each participant take real action to advance in the leadership skill addressed in each particular DIG.  Over the course of several sessions, you can really dive into the topic. You can have in depth discussions and learn from others in the group who are committed to growing in the same skill set. And each group will be lead by a proven ministry leader who is an expert in the field.  There will be assignments to complete between sessions based on your unique local situation.  Our first Dive in Group will be on the topic of “Creating a Leadership Culture in Your Church” and led by Dan Reiland, one of the most skilled ministry coaches in the country.  We are excited about blazing this new Dive In Group trail and about the significant possibilities of encouragement and development for pastors!

If you have an interest in attending one of our future soul care retreats or being a part of our first Dive In Group, I would love to hear from you.  Send me an email or give me call and we’ll make sure you get an invitation.


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