Cornerstone’s First Dive In Group Developing a Leadership Culture in Your Church

We’re excited at Cornerstone to be launching a brand new opportunity for pastors to hone their leadership skills! The all-new Dive In Groups provide a way for select groups of pastors to go deeper into practical application of some of the leadership topics we’ll be introducing in the Pastor Resource Calls. The format for DIG will be a specified number of online meetings for a small group of Pastors. (For instance, our first DIG will be limited to seven participants and include three one-per-month sessions.) Dive In Groups (DIG) combine targeted content, peer learning and the leadership/facilitation of an outstanding resource person to maximize the learning and application process. In a Dive In Group, you will get practical, personal, specific coaching from a proven church leader!!

Cornerstone’s first Dive In Group will focus on the issue of “Developing a Leadership Culture In Your Church” and be led by Dan Reiland. Dan is best known as a leader with a pastor’s heart and a coach’s instincts. His passion is developing and empowering leaders. Currently Dan serves as the Executive Pastor at 12 Stone Church in Lawrenceville, GA. His latest book is Amplified Leadership.

“While most pastors say that leadership development is important, they are not consistent about it…often they don’t really know how to do leadership development or more importantly, how to create a culture of leadership development within their church,” says Reiland.

According to Dan, building a leadership culture is a process that has at least five elements beginning with developing a value for leadership that gets built into the culture. Secondly, there must be teaching about leadership that involves principles. “If churches do anything about leadership, it is usually to teach leadership principles but that alone is not sufficient to build a culture of leadership”, he said. A third element is the actual practice of leadership. The fourth step is leadership coaching to encourage improvement in leaders. This leads to the final element of a leadership culture which is identifying and celebrating actual results.

For participants in this first Dive In Group, the three sessions will be a combination of teaching, interaction and sharing progress with Dan and a small group of six other pastors. There will be practical assignments between sessions designed to be applied to the unique church setting of each participant.

Dates for the “Developing a Leadership Culture in Your Church” Dive In Group are June 14, July 19 and August 16 . Dan will kick off this topic on the April 19 Pastor Resource Call. Participation in a Dive In Group is by application and the registration fee of $250 includes all books, materials, other resources and Internet time.

For an application or more information about being part of Cornerstone’s first Dive In Group, contact Bill Nicoson or Warren Schuh.


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