God's Call, Are You Listening?

At breakfast this morning, I was sitting with a couple from Brazil who heard God's call to go to India to be missionaries. As I sat and listened I was in awe. First they speak, Portuguese, English, some Hindi now and who knows what other language. I am embarrassed because I know only one. Second, as they shared their story I just sat in total wonder. They go there with absolutely nothing. They share a small space with their two children with another family who lives on the floor above them. He told me that they felt and saw rats run over the top of them while they were sleeping at night. Can you imagine? He told me that they were awaken in the morning sometimes by children patting them on the face to wake them up. But it was not their children! It was children from the family upstairs!

They now have their own flat. The churches who have been supporting them have basically forgotten them. But they are still there. They are still being faithful to God's call! As they shared their story with me I began to cry. I have never seen such faith. They are not irresponsible people. They are very intelligent and very strategic. They were obedient. I watched his wife as they told me their story. She is  fully committed too. Usually I can discern if the story is valid by watching the spouse. Her eyes told me that she was in this with him all the way. I was challenged and I was inspired by their devotion and story. I want to be as committed as they are. God, I am listening.

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