How To Lead a Church That Transforms Your Community

There are a lot of factors that go into leading a local church well.  It’s not easy and it is certainly multifaceted.  Often we highlight factors that have to do with skill development, team building, change management, vision, organizational development, leadership development, etc.  All of that (and more) is certainly important and necessary if the journey of leadership is to be positive and successful.

But we were reminded during our October Pastor Resource Call with Pastor Sam Gallucci that listening to God’s call and responding with a courageous ‘Yes’ are ultimately at the core of the kind of leadership that results in God-sized difference making.  Sam’s story and the story of The Harbor Church in Ventura, California are full of regular ‘courageous Yeses’ that have resulted in incredible life change, community impact and unity among diverse churches.  It’s pretty miraculous stuff!!  Is Sam a good leader with solid leadership skills?  You bet.  But Sam will be the first to tell you that the amazing results would not be there if he and the 20 people at The Harbor had not listened carefully to what God was saying and responded obediently.

We were so impacted by Sam’ story and this PRC, we decided to send an immediate follow-up email to many of you with a link to the recording of the call.  If you haven’t listened to the recording yet, we’d like to encourage you to take the time to listen.  If you didn’t get that email, here’s a link to the PRC recording.

All of us periodically need to be reminded about the core issues of leading in God’s Kingdom.  The story of The Harbor is definitely one of those reminders!  Listen and be encouraged!


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