Mission and Staffing for the 21st Century

Evaluating the programs and ministries against your church’s mission and then staffing for those initiatives are a common characteristic of 21st century missional churches.  Reviewed at least annually and  often prior to or in conjunction with the development of a church’s budget,  the evaluations are useful in determining new strategic directions for a church. By evaluating both the program or ministry and staff positions against the mission, you also reduce the difficulty in changing or eliminating long held “sacred cow”  programs and ministries.

In “Evaluating Mission for the 21st Century,” every program or ministry is examined in light of the mission and four questions.  Does this program or ministry fit our current mission?  Is it a program or ministry that requires us to re-focus our mission in some way?  It is a program or ministry that is finished and no longer needed to help us accomplish our mission? And finally, it this a program or ministry that we need to add in the future to accomplish our mission?

In staffing for the 21st century, each staff position is examined in light of the mission and four questions.  Is this a staff position that needs to be re-defined?  An example is the Minister of Education position that many churches are re-defining as a Minister of Learning or Minister of Leadership Development.  is this a staff position for which the individual needs to be re-trained?  In one church I know, the long time and beloved Minister of Music is transitioning to become the Senior Adult Minister and will need some re-training to make the transition.  Sometimes, a staff position becomes no longer necessary and the position needs to be eliminated in light of the church’s new mission or ministries. The final question, “Is this a position for which we need to be recruiting?” helps to identify new staff who might be necessary to  accomplish mission.

Click here for two simple tools that will help in this process.

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