Muriae, Brazil

We arrived last night. I was exhausted. I didn’t get much sleep on the airplane. A little over 14 hours of flight time. Those airline seats get pretty hard to sit on after a while. All of us arrived without difficulty. It was good to see my friends. We stopped at an out of the way place for a late dinner and then on to the hotel. Driving for five hours to the city of Muriae is always an experience. We stopped for road construction and there came the little street urchins selling their wares of sweet coconut, pineapple and peanuts, etc. The temperature was in the 80’s with much humidity.

Saturday we have a pastor’s luncheon from 12-3. Tonight is street preaching time. I will be giving the message tonight. Please pray that the gospel would be heard clearly. Its really good to be hear and connect with friends. I had breakfast this am with a Brazilian pastor who now is a missionary in Calcutta, India. Fascinating listening to him tell of what God is doing there. I would covet your prayers for a God productive day.

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