Off to Brazil

I leave LAX airport today and fly to Washington D.C., then to Sao Paulo, Brazil and then on to Rio de Janeiro. This is my third trip to Brazil to work with pastors spread out through states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. It is such a privilege. These folks are hungry to share their faith in Christ. They want to learn all they can on how they can be more effective of living out the Great Commission and commands of scripture. Once we land we are on the go! I don’t know what the apostle Paul felt like on his missionary journeys but I can honestly say that we experience some truly great acts of God. We pray for people along the way that we don’t know. People hear that we are staying at a place and they will come for prayer. We usually are on the radio at some point. We print books in Portuguese so they can follow along our teaching. People come from all over to be a part of what they call Congress. Cornerstone finances virtually all of it. I will be posting as much as possible the events of the trip along with photos. Please continue your prayers for us!

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