Soul Care for Leaders

“As the leader goes, so goes the organization, as the soul of the leader goes, so goes the leader. When I ask leaders about the state of their soul, the one thing I hear the most is busyness…they canʼt find space for God…and canʼt get the busyness to stop.” So said Steve Macchia, the founder and leader of Leadership Transformations, on CCNʼs August Pastorʼs Resource Call.

Leadership Transformationsʼ mission is the spiritual transformation of leaders and teams. Their website has great information and resources for pastors and ministry leaders. You will also want to check out Steveʼs blog as a valuable read for his insights into the issue of soul care for pastors.

You can find a summary of Steveʼs comments during the Pastorʼs Resource Call on the CCN website.

Perhaps no contemporary pastor has better addressed the issue of the soul care and especially that of pastors than Eugene Peterson. His newest book, The Pastor, A Memoir, should be in every pastorʼs library as well as that of other church and ministry leaders. While every chapter is filled with the wisdom and insight that comes from a “long obedience in the same direction,” you might want to begin with chapter 35, “Invisible Six Days a Week, Incomprehensible the Seventh.

For a complete listing of Petersonʼs works as well as available audio, click here

A second essential book for pastors, their spouses, staff and church leaders is Replenish, Leading from a Healthy Soul, released earlier this year by Lance Witt. With this book Witt has made a valuable contribution to the growing interest in soul care for leaders and he writes authentically and candidly from his experience on the front line of ministry as a pastor and ministry leader for over 25 years.

We have neglected the fact that a pastorʼs greatest leadership tool is a healthy soul. Our concentration on skill and technique and strategy has resulted in deemphasizing the interior life. The outcome is an increasing number of men and women leading our churches who are emotionally empty and spiritually dry. When it comes to the church, you canʼt separate leadership from the leader. You canʼt divorce the message from the messenger. Godly leadership is always inside out.

For more information about Replenish including sample chapters and other resources for pastoral soul care, visit

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