The Cycles don’t have to win!

“Well, that was just about one of the most valuable hours I’ve spent in a long time.  Those seven vicious cycles were excellently presented by Tom Bandy — and it wasn’t like trying to drink from a fire hose!”

That’s how one pastor responded to a recent Pastor Resource Call with Tom Bandy.  The topic was “Breaking the Cycles of Leadership Self-Destruction” and it was packed with immediately applicable insight for pastors.  Tom has spent years working with churches and observing the traps that pastors can easily fall into, traps that too easily grind to a halt the positive progress of their churches.  Tom made it clear that these Cycles of Self-Destruction (Anger, Alienation, Obsession, Doubt, Guilt, Arrogance, and Accommodation) are avoidable and identified the antidotes for all.

As I listened to Tom’s descriptions, I found myself agreeing with his observations and realizing that I’ve personally known (and sometimes worked with) pastors who have been trapped in these cycles and I’ve even slipped into some myself.  It’s not a pretty thing when the Cycle of Self-Destruction wins.  It’s not pretty for the church and it’s not pretty for the pastor.

The GREAT news is that the Cycles don’t have to win!

Tom described specific antidotes that correspond to each Cycle and as he enumerated those,  I was struck by the reality that in almost all cases the antidotes are best administered in the context of a safe, caring, honest community!  Guess what…Master’s Group is designed specifically to provide that kind of community among a trusted group of peers who care deeply about each other’s health and success in ministry and life.  CCN is here to support, encourage and promote the success of pastors.  Check out the availability of a Master’s Group!  Leadership Self-Destruction doesn’t have to be your fate.

Click here to find out more about Master’s Group.

Click here to read the cycles of Self-Destruction Pastor Resource Call Notes or listen to the podcast.

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