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Pastors are always looking for help in teaching and preaching about stewardship.  While some address the issue only when it’s time for the annual stewardship sermon, others lead by creating a culture of generosity that permeates the entire congregation year round.   Ruben Swint has a passion for helping leaders and congregations develop a generous culture.  His insight and wisdom are Biblically anchored and his practical advice and counsel for local church leaders is born out of his experience as a church and denominational leader and his consultation with hundreds of churches through the years.

Ruben practices what he teaches about generosity and each month through his free newsletter, The Generosity Letter, he provides pastors and church leaders a valuable resource about issues, trends and what it means to be not only good stewards but generous ones, especially in this challenging economic environment.   Some pastors use The Generosity Letter as a teaching tool and circulate it to the finance or stewardship committee.

You mighty also want to inquire about Ruben’s recent webinar entitled “Mac Giving in a PC Envelope.”  Topics he addressed included distinguishing between stewardship and generosity, creating a culture of generosity in your church, teaching about generosity at every age level, what a pastor should know about who gives in their congregation, how to tell stories about faithful stewardship and radical generosity,  and introducing e-giving  to your church.  This outstanding information is not only for pastors but can also be very useful to your church’s stewardship or finance committee.

To sign up for the free monthly The Generosity Letter or inquire about “Mac Giving in a PC Envelope,”  just e-mail Ruben Swint at

To read the latest issue of The Generosity Letter, click here

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