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This is John Piper’s grab bag of ministry resources. It features sermons articles and conference messages from John Piper’s life and ministry.

Blue Fish TV is a your one-stop shop for all videos to help you teach. They feature video illustrations to full length curriculum for small groups and youth ministry.

This is a great resource for all things youth ministry. Here they have everything you need to start a youth ministry or grow your current ministry. These guys love youth ministry and have wholly given their lives to it. They also write a daily email that is great for any youth worker to read.

This website is a simple way for you to get in touch with your city, simply input your churches zip code and it will give you very detailed information about your cities. From demographics to educational levels, all this information is available with 5 numbers and a click.

Outreach is your church printing cheat sheet. Featuring great designs for bulletins and banners, these guys make it easy for you to have a great looking sermon series with all the bells and whistles for almost no effort.

This is Elm Brook Church leadership blog that is designed to provide resources to church leaders by providing articles and topic analysis regarding a wide variety of topics.

This is a great site for anybody wanting to pull back the curtain and see some of the internal workings of a mega church. Northpoint Church is Andy Stanley’s church and this website is operated by his ministry staff to help other churches get a glimpse of how they run things, and to help churches run their ministry better.

This is blog is humorous and insightful look at the different things that Christians like and do in churches. This might just be the laugh that you need to get through the week.

This blog features the ministry and communications thought of a director of church communications. Tim has been labeled as the official note taker for most major conference, and posts all his notes on his website so you can see the major points and thoughts of conferences for free.

Please help us continue the conversation. What are some resources you use and love?

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