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[pullquote]You know who the real heroes are today? Pastors![/pullquote]

I was having a conversation with my sister about people who can steal your joy.  So when that happens I usually try to think of something positive about people and who restore my joy.  You know who the real heroes are today? Pastors! Pastors that I work with continually remind me of God’s blessings. I know scores of pastors who have lived their lives as faithfully as they know how in serving God. They pastor all kinds and all sizes of churches. Many have endured hardships but have kept their eyes on the prize. Many pray for you and me every week and even, in some cases, every day because they love us as Jesus loved us. I am proud of them.

These men and women continually put others before themselves. They attend meetings that go late into the night. They make personal, professional and financial sacrifices because of their love of God. They sacrifice sitting together as a family on Sunday morning because they are preaching. They take all the hits – negative comments, snide remarks about their wives or husbands, about how they dress, talk, act, and how they raise their children. They actually tithe and probably more. The give up vacations or leave vacations to perform weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc. … all for you!

[pullquote]They take risks because of their obedience to God’s call in their lives[/pullquote]

They take risks because of their obedience to God’s call in their lives. We scoff at the risks and belittle their ideas and decisions, but they keep on loving us. Many work two jobs because of their love for the church and Jesus Christ. But we leave the church because they didn’t mention our birthday or they mispronounced a grandson or granddaughter’s name at a baby dedication. And when someone doesn’t show up they have to empty the trash, pick up and put away tables and chairs, lock the church up and turn out the lights.

Some of them are given great job descriptions but no authority to carry it out. They fight for change but aren’t allowed because of those who want to keep things the same. They live under unrealistic expectations and they tire from the constant non-productive meetings and struggle over issues that really won’t move the church forward. Yet they come back week after week trusting God for their work.

They prepare sermons in spite of being pulled away from their study because someone needs to talk or someone’s son was put in jail and they go to visit him. They give sermons on Sunday in spite of the fact that they were up all night with a sick child or at the hospital with someone else’s child. We, on the other hand, get upset when they aren’t available to meet with us.

[pullquote]I love pastors – they are my heroes[/pullquote]

Sure, they aren’t perfect. But the best of these heroes will be the first to tell you that they aren’t. They are real people and they know it because they spend as much time with God as they can. They continually weigh the decisions that they make to move you and me forward in our walk with Jesus Christ. They are under tremendous pressure because they know that they are accountable to the God they serve. I love pastors – they are my heroes. They may have imperfections, but they continually inspire me. The world only wants to tell you of their failures. I want to tell you of

their successes. There are many! There are thousands of pastors who have conducted their ministries with honor and integrity. The best thing you could possibly do is go to your pastor and tell them that you will pray for them and their families daily. What a difference that would make. If you do that then you will become their hero and the Lord knows that wouldn’t be all that bad.

Pastor’s we are here for you! We love you and want to see you thrive in life and ministry! If we can help you in anyway please don’t hesitate to call us.

-Bill Nicoson

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