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In June, 2010, I wrote an article published in Christianity Todayʼs Managing Your Church looked at useful smartphone apps for ministry. Fifteen months later, we are on the verge of the release of the iPhone 5, the number of Android phones increases daily, the iPad2 continues to set sales records, and the Galaxy and other tablets grow exponentially in usage. Mobility is accelerating and “the cloud” is coming. For pastors and ministry leaders, smartphones and tablets are becoming indispensable tools of ministry. What new and other useful apps mights have appeared in the last year?

Many iPhone apps have an Android or Blackberry equivalent so if you are not an iPhone or iPad user, check the app developerʼs website to see if there is an equivalent available.

e-book Reader Apps In addition to Kindle, and iBooks, there is also now a Nook reader and app as well as the Google Books app.

Bible Apps As a Mac user, my most useful Bible app is Accordance which syncs with my desktop software. For PC and Mac users, there is Logos Bible Software. If you use the Lexionary, there is one for the iPhone and one for the iPad.

Writing Apps I use Soundnote as my primary writing app for meetings on my iPad because it allows me to also tape the conversation. If I need to double-check my notes later, I just tap on the written note and can go directly to that section of the tape. neu.Notes is great for a quick diagram or sketch of something. The best PDF app I have found is PDF Converter that lets me convert a document, webpage or photo into a PDF.

Printing Apps Since printing off a smartphone or tablet makes the device more functional, the right printer app is crucial. I have found Printopia works best for me. Print Central is another good printer app.

Remote Apps One of the best things about an iPad or other type of tablet is that you can leave the laptop at home and access it remotely if necessary from any location. iTeleport works great with the iPhone and iPad and is my first choice for a remote. A second app worth looking at is Team Viewer which also has an Android app.

Leadership Apps Leadership Network has an app that highlights their latest learnings and resources. Both Christianity Today and Leadership Journal have apps.

Individual Ministry Apps Many ministries have their own apps and the easiest way to find out if your favorite ministry has an app is to search by their name in the App Store.

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